2017-2018 Banquet Awards

Banquet Awards for 2017-2018 Season

Congratulations to all of our Swimmers and Awards recipients for all of your successes during the 2017-18 Swimming Season!

Development Team Stroke Awards:
* Butterfly: Toni-Anne Torne
* Backstroke: Julia Kegel
* Breaststroke: Daniel Nicolescu
* Freestyle: Grace Bedard
* Individual Medley: Malaiya Maglantay

Performance Awards:
* Festivals: Theodore Bouwman, Sarah Lacy, Ean Carta, Graydon Hughes, Dante Reid, David Harvie, Kendra Murray, Claire Wright
* Festivals & AA Champs: Maeve Atkinson, Benji Sykes, Ryan Tapp
* AA Champs: Katrina Berry-Stavropoulos, Brandon Tapp, Viktor Vragovic, Callie McGilley, Jeshurun Anthony, Madeleine Malesich, Ben Fera
* Festivals, AA Champs & Provincials: Jasmine Jaswal
* Festivals & Provincials: Sam Fera
* Provincial Championship: Leif Bouwman
* Provincials & AA: Aiden Malesich, Sonja Ross
* Easterns, Provincials Championship & AA: Daniel Earley, Anthony Toader, Nader Tannir
* Easterns & Provincials & OJI: Jenna Stokes

Most Improved Athletes:
* Dev A: Ben Capson
* Dev B: Danica Riley
* Dev C: Nicholas Gunter
* White: Marshall Munroe
* Blue: Alex Haines
* Red: Kendra Murray
* Bronze: Jeshurun Anthony
* Silver: Ean Carta
* Gold: Madeleine Malesich

Swimmer of the year: Chloe Taylor

Super Swimmer: Benji Sykes 

Record Breakers – Individual:
* 11-12: Benji Sykes 200 IM SC
* 15-16: Anthony Toader 50 BK LC
* 17 & over: Nader Tannir 1500 FR LC

Record Breakers – Relay:
* 11-12 200m Medley Male LC: David Havie, Dante Reid, Ean Carta, Benji Sykes
* 15-17 200m Free Male SC: Aiden Malesich, Nader Tannir, Brandon Tapp, Anthony Toader
* 15-17 200m Medley Male LC: Aiden Malesich, Nader Tannir, Brandon Tapp, Anthony Toader

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