April Swimmers of the Month

Congratulations to our April Swimmers of the Month!

  • Gold:  Callie McGilley. Callie made AA provincials Callie’s time drops have been consistent through the season. She has to match that intensity in practice; but has made huge strides to improve  those tasks. Congrats! 
  • Silver: Maeve Atkinson. Maeve has been working hard and has qualified for AA provincials . She took off 86+ sec at the Mallard meet. Keep up the good work.
  • Bronze: Alison Harvie. Alison has been a very consistent trainer this whole year. Her hard work on her backstroke technique is paying off. This month she had outstanding performances at our rainbow classic meet. Way to go Alison!
  • Blue: Sabrina Brij. Sabrina has had a tough year as she has been struggling with an injury throughout the year. Even with this obstacle, Sabrina continues to have a positive attitude and a smile during practices. She encourages her teammates during practices which is always nice to see. She also is great at communicating with her coach to let her know if there are issues or if she will be missing a practice. Sabrina also saw her hard work pay off at the Pickering Meet where she used her amazing kick and new technique to get best times. Awesome job so far Sabrina! Keep up the great work!!
  • Red: Lucas Moodley.  Lucas shows a continuous maturity, focus and effort at all practices in his ambition to achieve best times and qualifying standards. His attendance is exemplary along with his work effort leads me to believe, that we will only see continual improvements with all of his future meet results. Lucas is a pleasure to coach and have on my deck and is a valued Teammate.
  • White:  Victoria Gignac. Victoria has amazing attendance and is one of the leaders in the White group. She takes initiative, knows how to work the clock, and continuously practices on the hardest pace times during test sets. Because of her dedication and work ethic, Victoria continues to shave off time, even on her off strokes, butterfly and breaststroke! Immense improvement has been seen. Excellent job, Victoria!
  • Dev C:  Cole Wilson.  Cole began swimming mid-way through the season and his dedication is admirable for such a new, young swimmer. He does not hesitate to ask for advice or clarification, and although sets are difficult, he always has a positive attitude. Continue the hard work, Cole!
  • Dev B:  Jessica Bacau.  Jessica was a new swimmer this season and her stroke timing and technique has come a long way. Her breaststroke looks amazing when she glides after a strong whip! Even Jessica’s butterfly is quite fast, and very efficient, when she continues to breath every two. Keep it up Jessica, you should be so proud.
  • Dev A:  Chloe Small & Stefano Simonelli.  Chloe is our Dev A, female, Swimmer of the Month for April. Chloe always comes to practice with a smile on her face and works hard at everything she does. Huge congrats to Chloe for qualifying for the TPASC meet in four events: 100 free, 50 free, 50 breast and 50 back. Keep up the excellent swimming Chloe, and all the best moving forward.  Stefano is our Dev A, male, Swimmer of the Month for April. Stefano’s strokes have improved immensely, enabling him to practice on harder pace times and swim in the fast lanes! All of his hard work continues to pay off, at the Rainbow Classic for instance, when he achieved personal bests in all of his swims. Nice job, Stefano!

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