May Swimmers of the Month

Congratulations to our May Swimmers of the Month!

  • Gold: Paige MacLeod.  Paige has been consistent  with best times all season and she likes to get up and race. Even in season she races her best. Consistent attendance and hard work helps her achieve her in season bests.  Keep it up Paige ! 
  • Silver: Leif Bowman. Leif had a great month. He has become very focused on his goals for swimming. He has had some great swims in may. He has qualified for some eastern Canadian championship. Congrats Leif !
  • Bronze: Jessica Sideris. Jessica has had an awesome year full of personal bests, however she rocked the Midtown Audi Meet at the Pan-Am pool! Jess has really improved the technical aspects of her stroke as well. So proud of all you have accomplished this year but especially this month. Way to go!
  • Blue:  Victoria Petroff. Victoria joined the blue group after the Rainbow Classic and has been an awesome addition to the group. Every practice she is the first person on the pool deck and always pushes herself during practices. She pushes herself and everyone in the group around her. Her success in the pool is attributed to her dedication, her attendance, and her communication with her coaches. Congratulations Victoria, keep up the great work!!
  • Red:  Zoe Bronilla.  Zoe has really worked hard the last few months and it has shown in her recent meet results.  She is a very mature and dedicated athlete and is always the first one into the pool, eager to get her practice started. She has a very strong work ethic and seeks harder pace times in our practices which she balances on a weekly basis playing with her high level rep volleyball team.She is a pleasure to coach and I have enjoyed having her as part of my Red group.
  • White:  Jaiden Ali. Jaiden had a fantastic swim meet at the MAC Rising Star LC meet in Markham and achieved a total of 6 best times. His best stroke, breaststroke, looks incredible as he works his strong kick and glides at the surface. Even Jaiden’s butterfly has come a long way, after competing in 50m and 100m fly events. Continue to attend practice more regularly, and you will be amazed at the accomplishments you can attain.
  • Dev C:  Matthew Paguirigan. Matthew was also a new swimmer this season and has excelled immensely. He has the fundamentals of all of his strokes mastered, but with more endurance and work on timing his strokes will be in amazing shape! Awesome job Matt, and all the best over the summer.
  • Dev B:  Lauren Melchior.  Lauren is one of the stronger swimmers in her group, as she is able to make the fastest pace times and train through hard sets. She is encouraged to stay focused on dryland and stroke corrections, as these tips will make your strokes more efficient in the long run. Amazing season this year Lauren, enjoy your summer!
  • Dev A:  Keira McGrath.  Keira always comes on deck wit a positive attitude and ready to swim. Although her favourite stroke is breaststroke, she has really worked hard in sets to better her butterfly and backstroke. Keira was a new swimmer this year and should be excited by her progress, as her coach is eager to see her continued growth next season! Enjoy your summer, Keira!

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