We need your help to ensure we can effectively staff our Home Swim Meets!  What’s in it for you? The best seat in the house to enjoy the Competition – AND – earn your PICK Family Commitment points!

Officials registration, training clinics, orientation/mentoring, certification pin & record card are free as they are provided by the club and Swim Ontario.

The goal of any competition volunteer or official is to contribute to a fair, safe and positive competitive environment.  Thank you for your volunteer support and interest in becoming a better informed Ambassador of the Sport!

Next Steps

Step 1:  Register with Swimming Canada annually, within 2 weeks of commencing activity as an Official.

Step 2:  Register for Training if you are new or wish to move up.  Refer to Training and Evaluation for details on training clinics.

Step 3:  Register to volunteer at an upcoming PICK Meet!  Refer to Officiate at a Hosted Meet for further information.

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