Several PICK Officials have been steadily moving up the ladder during our 2017-2018 season!  Congratulations to all!

Congratulations to Gayle Pollock, who has received successful Level 5 evaluations!  Gayle has been an integral part of PICK meet for many years and we look forward to both Derek and Gayle continuing to be involved in PICK hosted meets.

Gayle Pollock (centre) is congratulated by YY Wong (left) and Cathy Wackett (right).

Congratulations to Derek Olson!  Derek has completed all requirements and received successful evaluations to become a Level 5 Official on May 27, 2018.  Derek is an Associate member of PICK, has previously served as Officials Director and now as Club Officials co-Chair.  Well done Derek!

Derek (second from right) is welcomed by Trevor Cowan, Jeff Trudeau and Mary Jane Smith.

Jason Murray (left) and Tom Alves (right) receive their white Level 2 pins from PICK Officials Director, Tim Newman.

Tina Fera and Alyson Parker-Bouwman have also received their white Level 2 pins (photos coming soon!)