Rainbow Classic Meet Results

Home team bests the field at 2018 Rainbow Classic!

Pickering Swim Club’s 211 medals topped the team standings at the 2018 Rainbow Classic, giving the host club its best overall finish of the 2017-18 season.

With 71 gold, 64 silver and 76 bronze medals, Pickering edged out second-place club Toronto Olympian Swim Team, which earned 210 medals at the meet, held at the Pickering Recreation Complex from April 13 to 15.

Leading Pickering’s haul were four swimmers with eight medals each: Kendra Murray (Girls 11), Benji Sykes (Boys 12), Anthony Jeshrun (Boys 14) and Graydon Hughes (Boys 12).

Neither Benji nor Graydon showed any sign of fatigue at the Rainbow Classic, which came just a week after the pair combined for 15 medals at the 2018 Mallards Long Course Challenge.

At Rainbow, Benji won five gold, two silver and one bronze medal, while Graydon won three gold, one silver and four bronze. Anthony’s eight medals comprised four gold, two silver and two bronze. Kendra won two gold, two silver and four bronze.

Other notable performances came from Ean Carta (Boys 11; five gold, two silver); Theo Bouwman (Boys 11; four gold, one silver, one bronze); Jessica Sideris (Girls 15; three gold, two silver, one bronze); Maeve Atkinson (Girls 13; three gold, one silver, two bronze) Leif Bouwman (Boys 13; four gold, one bronze) and Sarah Lacy (Girls 14; two gold, one silver, two bronze).

Most time off honours went to Claire Wright (Girls 11) with 91.91 seconds off her personal bests, Anastasia Presilska (Girls 13, 83.11 seconds) and James Cundangan (Boys 10, 75.21 seconds). As a team, Pickering took off 2,796 seconds.

These are Pickering’s other gold-medal winners (multiple medals in parentheses):

  • Alexander Haines
  • Alexandra Nicolescu
  • Ben Fera (2)
  • Brianna Regan
  • Callie McGilley
  • Chloe Taylor
  • Dalton Wright
  • Daniel Earley
  • Jacob Long
  • Jasmine Jaswal
  • Joshua Janeveski
  • Lucas Moodley (2)
  • Megan Satumba
  • Paige McLeod
  • Saliba River (2)
  • Sam Fera
  • Samantha Kerr (2) 
  • Sonja Ross
  • Stefan Draghici
  • Tymera Dunbar
  • Victor Vragrovic (3)

Complete results from the 2018 Rainbow Classic are available here.

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