Swimmers of the Month – March 2018

Congratulations to our March swimmers of the month!

  • Gold: Sonja Ross had some great results. Sonja works very hard on a daily basis. She has been working hard on elevation of her ceiling over the last month; so that will continue to show in her performances. Keep up  the commitment to self improvement Sonja.
  • Silver: Jasmine Jaswal has been reaping her rewards from her hard work. Stepping up and leading lanes and challenging herself at every practice will help her achieve her high goals . Nice job Jasmine.
  • Bronze: Megan Wright is resilient and persistent when faced with a challenge. Recently she has been working on her fly and has made some drastic improvements! Way to go Meg, keep it up!
  • Blue: Ella Portsmouth has improved exponentially in the water. She has taken off time in every event she has been entered in. Even those events she is not too thrilled to be swimming. Although we struggled in the beginning of the season with the early mornings ,Ella has pushed herself past her limits and is seeing that hard work does pay off. She has a wild sense of humour which keeps the group happy and entertained in the early mornings. Keep up the awesome work Ella!
  • Red: Dalton Wright has had huge time drops in everything he swims at the recent meets which show how hard he has been working.  He pushes himself by pacing in lanes near the fastest swimmers of the group and the results are showing.
  • White:  Marshall Munroe has amazing attendance and works hard to accomplish sets on faster pace times. At the Steve Kingston Memorial Meet Marshall achieved 5 personal best times, and qualified for the TPASC Invitational Meet in May for his 200m backstroke! Amazing work, Marshall!
  • Dev C: Anastasia Presilska is encouraged to practice her basics and technique work when we do drills, as her strokes have improved immensely. Anastasia’s breaststroke looks amazing, as she glides through the water following her strong whip kick! Continue to come to practice and push yourself during difficult sets, and your hard work is bound to pay off! Nice work, Anastasia! 
  • Dev B:  New to the group, Ava Archer has picked up the drills and technique work on all of her strokes very quickly. She has even moved over lanes, as she is able to swim on faster paces. Ava often has a positive attitude and her work ethic is admirable! Nice job, Ava!
  • Dev A:  Reid D’Souza continues to arrive early to practice to participate in dryland, and takes direction well, as he is able to apply corrections to his strokes. His breaststroke timing looks amazing after a lot of hard work on his whip kick. Reid’s butterfly has also improved immensely, as he remembers to breath every two and keep his arms straight to achieve the farthest reach possible! Keep up the great effort, Reid!

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