Swimmers of the Month – January 2019

Congratulations to our January 2019 Swimmers of the Month!

The Swimmer of the Month award goes to one swimmer in each group who consistently tries their best and works hard in all that they do. They must have excellent attendance, at practice and at swim meets, so they can demonstrate their improvements during a training and competition setting. And above all, they need to have a positive attitude and be a good role model to their teammates. The Swimmer of the Month must exemplify discipline, dedication, and respect, among other values, that we try to promote to our young athletes with the Pickering Swim Club.

  • Gold swimmer of the month is Brianna Regan. Brianna has great attendance and her work ethic amazing. Brianna works hard to make head way to her goals. She is knocking on the door. And soon that door will open ! Keep knocking Brianna!!

  • Silver swimmer if the month is Theodore Bouwman. Theo has had some successes at his meets lately . He has also made some improvements in his training, so he is seeing the results of that when he races .  Good luck at Festivals!

  • January’s Bronze swimmer of the month is Anna Kocinski. Anna has had a steady dedication towards her goals for this entire season, and it’s been awesome to watch it pay off this January! Anna has been consistently stepping up in practices, making faster pace times and had an great meet at our Winterfest! Way to go Anna!

  • The January swimmer of the month for the Blue group is Emma Owen. Emma had 100 percent attendance during the month of January and was consistently putting in the effort at every single practice. Emma has also been working very hard on improving her techniques especially her head position in freestyle. Keep on working on those drills Emma and you will see the results show in best times at the next couple of meets. Congratulations Emma!

  • Red swimmer of the month is Claire Wright.  Claire worked hard to qualify for Festivals once again this season, this time adding 100 Fly to her repertoire.  She continuously pushed to train more fly in her practices and was rewarded for her efforts.  She leads by example and I look forward to seeing her perform at Festivals in 50 FR 100 FR and 100 Fly.
  • The January swimmer of the month for the White group is Sulaiman Butt. Sully started with the Pick Swim Club in January and has been a great addition to the White Group. He is very attentive when learning new skills and learning all the strokes. He is constantly trying to improve himself and has a positive attitude. I am excited to see him compete at his first meet in March. Keep up the great work Sully.

  • Dev B Swimmer of the Month for January is Victoria Burridge! Victoria has excellent attendance and constantly works so hard that her cheeks turn RED! That’s what we like to see!  Victoria practices on the fastest pace times during test sets, and often steps up to lead her lane!  Amazing job this month, Victoria. Keep it up!
  • Dev A Swimmer of the Month for January is Yann Fogno! Out of the whole club, Yann was able to take the most time off at the Winterfest meet with 131.95 seconds off! Not only did he earn a PB in all of his races, but his strokes at practice are really looking strong! Keep up the hard work, Yann!

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