Young swimmers turn up the heat at 2019 Winter Swim Fest

Several of Pickering Swim Club’s youngest athletes had a hot start to the New Year by turning in stellar performances at the 2019 PICK Winter Swim Fest.

With six medals each, Kendra Murray (Girls, 2007) and Ben Capson (Boys, 2008) made the biggest contributions to Pickering’s total haul of 102 medals.

Ben medalled in all six of his events, earning one gold and two silver in backstroke and one of each colour in freestyle. He dropped significant time in five of them. Kendra, meanwhile, overcame the tiring task of swimming nine events at the three-day meet by winning three gold and three silver across multiple strokes and distances.

Dalton Wright (Boys, 2008) was another of Pickering’s shining stars at Winter Swim Fest, winning gold in five of his six events. Dalton, who swims with the Red group, topped the podium the 100m and 400m freestyle, 50m and 100m butterfly, and the 200m individual medley.

Also impressive was Pickering’s Masha Rajasingham (Girls, 2008). She raced to gold in her first-ever 100m butterfly and achieved personal bests in all six of her other events, adding another gold, one silver and two bronze to her medal collection.

Pickering Swim Club won 33 gold, 33 silver and 36 bronze medals at year’s first meet, which took place January 18-20 at the Pickering Recreation Complex.

Yann Fogno (Boys, 2008) achieved the club’s biggest time drop, crushing his previous marks in all six of his events and winning two gold in the process. His total time off was 131.95 seconds. Similarly, Chloe Hachem (Girls, 2009) beat personal bests in all six of her events for a total drop of 71.56 seconds and one gold medal for good measure. Chloe Small (Girls, 2009) earned two gold and two silver while dropping 70.67 seconds. Pickering swimmers dropped a combined 2,224.36 seconds from their personal bests at the meet.

Find the results of all Pickering swimmers here.

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